Marcia is 38 years old and lives in Texas with 2 roommates and her 3 furmates. Little Bit, Skunker, and Ewock.

She is a full time freelancer, a writer, and actress. Her dream is to one day write and produce an original web series. While she looks up to a number of actors, she ultimately draws a huge part of her inspiration from Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, and Mariska Hargitay.

“They are all three wonderful actresses and these strong female characters they portray embody what I think ever woman in America wants to be. I can especially relate to Sasha’s character of Maura Isles who has all of this intelligence but shaky social skills.

That’s what’s so magical about writing and acting especially when combined together. It’s writing about the human condition and connecting with other humans. Then actors come along and breathe life into these characters you’ve created. It’s magical. Absolutely magical.”

Because I love Angie and Sasha it only made sense to flex my writing muscles using their characters. Right now I am working on Sudden Switch. It is a mix of drama, crime, and fantasy. Based not just on their characters but Angie and Sasha themselves. What would happen if they woke up trapped in the world of their TV personas? Well, follow to find out!

What People Say

This is superb! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

(Sudden Switch)


Excellent! Don’t stop now! I’m dying to read some more!

(Sudden Switch)


I loved this! It meshed really well! I was laughing with both of them. Waiting for chapter 3!

(Sudden Switch)


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