Sudden Switch Chapter Four

“Man Dr. Isles. When did you turn into Annie Oakley?” Korsak asked, looking down at the dead body on the ground.

“Jane taught me” Sasha replied. Sasha was thankful that at one time Jane Rizzoli did in fact teach Maura Isles to shoot a gun, less the Maura Isles in her break out in hives.

“Are you OK Jane?” Korsak asked as he looked the detective up and down. “Yeah. I’m fine thanks to Maura” Angie said glancing up and smiling at Sasha.

“I want them to take you to the hospital and make sure you’re OK.”

“No Korsak. I’m fine. Maura already checked me out. I just want to go home and go to bed. I have had one hell of a day. You wouldn’t even believe it.”

“Yeah. I’d believe it. When did you two plan on telling me you were in a car accident this afternoon?”

Angie and Sasha both glanced at the older man. “How’d you know?”

“I’m a cop. You’re a cop. You’re the chief ME.That kind of news makes it around pretty quickly. I’m sorry about your car Janie but are you guys OK? “

“We’re OK. Just some scrapes and bruises. Maybe a tiny concussion.”

“Then why were you responding to a murder call Janie? You should have found someone to cover for you. You should be resting.”

“I just want to get back to work Korsak. I’m fine.”

“OK. If you’re sure. I think IA is done with you two so you can get out of here.

“OK Thanks. I’ll see you tomorrow. “

Angie glanced back at Korsak just before she climbed into the car. “Hey Korsak, this may be a silly question. But what time do we usually go into the station?”

“Jane? How hard did you hit your head?”

“Just humor me Korsak.”

“8 AM.”

Angie groaned. “I may be a little late but I’ll be there. See you tomorrow.”

“Is it OK that I still stay with you Sasha?” Angie asked as Sasha started the ignition and put the car in drive.

“We wouldn’t be driving away from here if it wasn’t Angie. Of course you can stay with me.”

As they drove towards Beacon Hill Sasha looked up and saw Angie staring out the window as tears fells down her cheeks.

“What’s wrong Ang? Other than some lunatic trying to kidnap you?”

Angie smiled weakly. “It’s not that. It’s just. I miss my kids. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

“I understand Angie. I miss my babies to.”

She reached out and squeezed Angie’s hand reassuringly.

“Hang in there. I don’t know how long we are stuck here but it can’t go on forever.”

A few minutes later they pulled into the drive.

As they walked through the front door Sasha made her way to the kitchen.

“I’m going to make you some chamomile tea Ang. It will help calm you.”

Angie nodded. “Thanks Sasha. Do you mind if I use your, uh Maura’s laptop?”

Sasha nodded. “Go Ahead”

Angie reached over and pulled the laptop to her and opened it.

When she saw the photo on the background she gasped and jumped back so far she nearly fell out of her chair. “Sasha, look at this. That guy you shot tonight was from season one but look at this photo. She turned the laptop around so Sasha could see. “This was from season three. I remember those ridiculous yellow boots.”

“Our brains are just processing random pieces of information Angie. I would guess anything is possible.”

“Damn it. You’re Maura Isles. Stop Guessing.”

“This kind of thing has never been able to be completely explained. Even Maura can only guess when it comes to coma alternative realities.”

“So you do think we’re in a coma?”

Sasha nodded. “I think if it were a dream we would have woke up by now. It’s been 12 hours. I’ve never had a 12 hour long dream before. Especially as vivid as this. ” She holds her arm up showing Angie the bruise from earlier in the day.

“Shit! What the hell was that?” Angie screamed as she jumped up out of her chair so fast she knocked it over behind her.

Sasha came over and glanced under the table and stated laughing uncontrollably until she had tears streaming down her face.

Angie, with a look of confusion , glanced under the table. “Freaking turtle!”

“Tortoise” Sasha managed to reply while still hysterically laughing.

Sasha knelt down beside the reptile. “Poor Bass. Did she scare you?”

“Oh sure. Take the turtles side.”


Angie returned her chair upright and returned to her spot in front of the laptop and pulled up Google.

Angie Harmon. Nothing.

Sasha Alexander. Nothing.

Janet Tamaro. Nothing.

“This is crazy Sash. We don’t exist.”

Jane Rizzoli- Angie scrolled through pages and pages of results.

Maura Isles- The same.

“Damn Sasha. I think Jane and Maura are as famous as we are. Just in a different way. “

Maura walked up and handed Angie a cup of chamomile tea. “Drink this. It will help you relax. ”


Angie returned her attention back to the laptop typing in Coma Alternate reality and sipping on her tea as she browsed through the results.

She begins to read aloud. ” Many phenomenons have occurred .in which years pass when in reality a subject was unconscious for only a short period of time. One man recounts his experience living out a decade of another life, including the birth and upbringing of two children while in a coma.”

Angie quickly slammed the laptop shut as if that alone would take them home. All the emotion hit her at once and she began to uncontrollably sob. Sasha knelt down beside her and pulled her into a hug.

“I want my babies Sasha. I just want my babies. Why is this happening to us?”

Sasha blinked rapidly to try to fight the tears that were wanting to overflow from her own eyes but was unsuccessful. “I miss my babies to Angie. So much” she said as tears started pouring down her face.

“Look. We need to get some sleep. This has been a hard whirlwind of a day. We’re not going to be able to function if we don’t take some time to recharge.”

“Sasha, don’t turn this into a Rizzles joke but can I sleep with you?”

“Are we having a sleep over or is this your way of coming on to me?”

“That was my line. Not yours. And I said no Rizzles jokes” Angie said with a weak smile. “I just don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Yes Angie. You may sleep with me. But keep your hands where I can see them. No funny business” she says with a laugh. “Come on. Let’s go get some sleep.”

Sasha was just about asleep when she was awoken by the sound of Angie’s sobs next to her. Sasha sat up in bed turning on the light beside her. “Sit up Ang.” Angie sat up in the bed revealing her puffy bloodshot eyes. Sasha held out her arms. “Come here.” Angie took the invitation falling into her friends arms sobbing. For several minutes Sasha just sat there holding her while she cried.

“Listen to me Angie. I know you miss them. I miss my kids too. But they are fine and they are safe. Jason won’t let anything happen to them. We’re stuck in some alternate reality but our kids are not harmed. They are in no danger. One day we are going to wake up and be able to tell them one hell of a story which they will laugh at us and tell us we are crazy. You haven’t lost them Angie. They are still there OK?”

Angie nodded. “Thanks Sash.”

With that both ladies laid down and fell asleep.

In the early morning hours Angie awoke when she heard a little girl crying.


“Mommy please wake up. I love you mommy. Please wake up.”

“I’m trying baby. I’m trying.”

Angie heard her husbands voice. “Mommy is sleeping. She is taking a nap.”

“I want mommy to wake up.”

“She will. But she’s sick right now so she has to get some rest.”

“Can I sing to her? Can she hear me?”

“Of course you can Avery. I bet she can hear you.”

“You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never no mom. How much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

“I love you mommy. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“No. Avery. Don’t go. Avery.”

Angie sat straight up in bed screaming her daughters name at the top of her lungs startling Sasha awake from her sleep.

“Angie? What’s wrong?”

“Avery! Avery! Avery! I don’t want to be here Sasha! This isn’t real. None of this is real. I want my babies. Please! I just want my babies. I could hear her crying.Is this the universes idea of some cruel joke? I could hear my baby crying and I couldn’t get to her. I want it to stop. Please. Please just make it stop.”

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