Sudden Switch Chapter 3

“So apparently it wasn’t my car we wrecked” Sasha thought aloud as she looked out the window and saw a black SUV parked in the driveway. “So I guess we’ll take my car. I mean, Maura’s car.”  She eyed Angie up and down. “You need to change.”

 “Wait, what? No!”

 “That’s not in character and you know it Ang. Besides, I’m pretty sure that dress is not conducive to chasing after killers.” 

Angie rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll go change. You always get to wear all the freaking good clothes.”

Angie turned around and looked at Sasha with a look of panic on her face. “Shit. I just thought of something else.”

“What’s that?”

“No badge, no gun, no clue where I live.”

Sasha laughed. “I’m on it. You go change.”

Soon Angie came back down the stairs wearing a pair of black slacks and belt,  a white top, and a pair of black pumps.

“Well, the nice clothes was nice while they lasted.Any leads on where the heck I live? By looking at your closet I live here. An entire selection of clothes up there.”

Sasha nodded. “Your address is saved in your contact on my phone. I mean Maura’s phone. I’ve already got the GPS set on the maps app. Let’s go.”

Fifteen minutes later they were driving up to an apartment building and made their way to Jane’s apartment.

“This is so weird how these are actual addresses that we both know in real life don’t exist. My apartment and your house was built on the Paramount lot. This is like one great big giant illusion. It’s crazy.”

Angie looked into the purse she was carrying and much like Sasha found a set of keys.

“Well, I guess it’s my turn to find the golden key.”

“Um, Ang.”

Angie looks up and realizes Sasha is pointing at the open she steps inside. The entire place is ransacked .

Angie takes a huge step back and her eyes widen. “No Sash! Someone has been in there and we have no means of protection. Let’s call the police.”

“You are the police Detective Rizzoli” Sasha said with a laugh.

“OK. The armed police.”

Angie headed away from the apartment dragging Sasha behind her.

“Let’s go wait in the car. Matter of fact, drive the hell away from here.”

“Ang, you’re being paranoid.”

Angie looked at Sasha and raised an eyebrow. “Hello, you are totally familiar with our show. A little caution is warranted. We are sitting ducks.At least let me get a gun before you want me to play super cop. Drive” she said as they climbed back into the black SUV.

As Sasha drove with no destination in particular Angie dialed 911.

“Hi. This is Detective Jane Rizzoli of Boston PD Homicide division. Someone has broke into my apartment.” She rattled off the address. She spent a few minutes answering the dispatchers questions and then informed her she would meet officers there before hanging up the phone. “I don’t get it Sasha. Earlier tonight you were freaking out and I was trying to calm you down. what has changed? How in the hell are you so calm?”

Sasha pulled over into a nearby gas station and looked at Angie.

“Well, this world or illusion or whatever we are in is obviously not real. I’m assuming we are knocked out and dreaming or in a comatose state. I’m pretty sure we can’t be hurt here. Not really. Even if we die in this plane of existence we are not in our physical bodies.Therefore we don’t really die. I don’t think.”

“That sure is a lot of guessing from the queen of not guessing. Maura doesn’t approve.” Angie says as she reaches out and pinches Sasha’s arm.

“Ouch! Hey!”

“Seems pretty real no?”

“I’m doing what I can to not freak out OK? Like it or not we are here and we have to deal with it.” Sasha had an agitated tone in her voice and began to blink quickly to attempt to hide the tears in her eyes.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t cry! I’m sorry Sasha. I’m sorry. ”

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to have ecchymosis thanks to you.” “Bruising” she said after Angie stared at her blankly.

“I said I’m sorry Sash. Jane and Maura never fight. Let’s not start now. I’m just scared OK? Cut me some slack. This is a lot. We just need to be careful. If there is even a zero point five chance we could die that’s not a risk i’m willing to take. So just humor me and don’t go into this thinking you are Wonder Woman. Please.”

Sasha nodded and the two women rode in silence back to Jane’s apartment. As they pulled up to the curb in front of the flashing police cars Angie reached for Sasha’s hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. “We’ll get through this OK? We’re in this together. I’ve got your back. You’ve got mine. Just like on the show. We know that’s true. Real life or TV life that’s one factor that is constant OK?”

Sasha nodded as a tear flipped down her cheek. “Hey. Stop that. We can’t take turns falling apart. You are one of the strongest people I know my friend. You’ve got this.” Sasha looked at Angie and gave her a weak smile. “Ditto.”

“Rizzoli!” the two ladies heard a voice boom from nearby. “Cavanagh” they said in unison.

“Damn Angie. Not here a full day and already in trouble. Typical Rizzoli” Sasha said with a laugh. They had no sooner got out of the car when Cavanagh was there. “I want you two to explain to me how we’re supposed to process a murder scene when the lead detective and Chief ME doesn’t show up.”

“Well sir, I come to get my badge and gun and I was a little tied up in case you didn’t notice” Angie said anger beginning to rise in her voice. “I’m sorry we inconvenienced you but I’m pretty sure that person isn’t any less dead.”

Sasha reached out for Angie’s arm in an attempt to calm her. “Ang uh Jane. Calm down. I know you’re upset but this isn’t helping.”

“I’m sorry Rizzoli. I’m just a little unnerved tonight. I might as well tell you. The crime scene tonight. It has a similar MO to Hoyt. Angie and Sasha both stepped back recognizing the name that started it all. ”

Angie stumbled backwards and gasped as tears sprung to her eyes. “Is, is he out?” she asked. Not even needing to try to remember a script. No. This terror she felt was real, no acting involved.

“No. He’s not out. We think it’s just a copycat.”

Angie shook her head. “No, He’s trained an apprentice.”

Cavanagh looked at Angie with a look of confusion on his face. “How do you know that?”

“I just know OK? You have to trust me. My life depends on it. I, I don’t. I don’t think I can……..”

“Say no more Jane. I already have Korsak on it. We pulled Pike in as well. Obviously he can’t find his ass with both hands but he will suffice for tonight.You two take the night off. But don’t stay here Jane.”

Angie nodded. “I”ll stay with Maura. But I need my gun.

She and Sasha made their way into the apartment and found their way to Jane’s bedroom and the safe where her gun and badge was stored.

“Shit, I have no clue what the combination is. Now what?”

Sasha thought for a moment. “Try 080776”

Angie tried it and it opened revealing the contents inside.

“How the hell did you figure that out?”

Sasha grinned. “Maura’s birthday. We all know Jane has a thing for Maura” she said with a laugh.

“You and the Rizzles ship” Angie said as she took the gun and badge from the safe.

“Hey don’t blame me. Blame Janet.” Sasha looked in the safe and saw another gun.

“Rizzoli carried back up?”

Angie nodded. “Apparently her personal gun I would assume. Sasha reached out and grabbed it. “Well now it’s mine.” Angie couldn’t help but laugh. “Really Sash? Maura Isles was not a gun toting type.”

“Nope. But Kate Todd was and if anyone even thinks of laying a finger on your head trust me Kate Todd can handle it. If it comes down to it between following a script or saving your life i’m saving your life. Besides, think about it. Technically the pen is in our hand now. We say what happens. We could rewrite the entire damn show if we wanted to. Let me be a bad ass for a change.”

“True true. So tell me Sasha Alexander? How does it feel to hold ultimate power?” Angie asked as she picked up a hair brush and held it towards Sasha for comment.

“Come on you goofball. It’s the middle of the night and I’m exhausted. I’ll be out in a minute. I’m going to stop at the ladies room first.”

Angie nodded. “I’ll meet you in the car.”

A couple minutes later Sasha made her way out and as she was almost to the car she heard a blood curling scream. “SASHA!”.

Sasha turned and saw Angie being dragged towards a black van. A black coroners van. A fake coroners van. She recognized this. Every single cop was inside the apartment.Maura Isles was supposed to be in the apartment.

She ran towards the man dragging Angie. “Let her go!” The man froze staring at the intrusion. Angie took the moment to knee him in the groin bringing him to his knees. Angie turned to run as the man reached to grab her again. “Don’t touch her” Sasha yelled leveling the gun.

The man didn’t comply as he continued to plunge towards Angie trying to regain his grip. “Angie! Down!” Sasha yelled. Angie hit the ground as five shots were fired into the night. Sasha walked towards the body and glared down upon it. “I said don’t fucking touch her.”

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