Sudden Switch Chapter 2

Angie walked over to the window and quickly realized she didn’t recognize her surroundings.

“Excuse me” she called out to the doctor. “What hospital are we at?”

“Boston General.” Angie raised her hands to her temples and began to rub as the frustration and anxiety of the situation was setting in.

“Your cortisol level is rising. Try to relax. Cortisol suppresses your immune cells ability to activate telomerase. It will slow your healing.” Sasha noted.

” Oh, for the love of Pete. Stop! ”

Angie glances over at the doctor and nurse still standing in the room staring them down.

“Can we have some privacy? Please? Just a couple of minutes.”

Angie waits for them to leave the room before addressing Sasha.

“You’re the one that was just hysterical. Take your own advice.For whatever reason we are in some screwed up alternate reality. We’re going to have to play this through or end up in the loony bin.”

Angie gazed down to the Boston streets below.

“Hell, I’m not sure. We may need to go to the loony bin. This is crazy.”

She takes a deep breath, composing herself.

“No one knows Jane and Maura better than we do. We can do this. We’re not going to figure out what is going on until we get out of here and we are not going to get out of here until we follow this twisted script. Only there isn’t one so turn on your improv game.”

With that Angie turns her attention back to the doctor calling out to him. “Excuse me. Doctor?” The doctor reenters the room. “I’m sorry. We are starting to remember bits and pieces but it’s still quite a bit fuzzy.”

“You were in a car accident. ”

Angie nods. “Yes, that’s the last thing we remember. How bad are our injuries?”

“You’re lucky. You both seem to only have a mild concussion.”

“Then we can go right? Why are we still here?”

“With all due respect ma’am you were babbling on about being an actress that stars in a TV show. That’s more than a little concerning.”

“Jane’s a cop. A great cop. But an actress? That’s a far stretch. She doesn’t even look like an actress. That’s far to glamorous for Jane. Look at her. She looks like a cop.”

“I do not look like a cop!”

“Jane, if you looked anymore like a cop they’d give you a TV series where you have to play one. That’s the only way you’d ever pull off being an actress.”

Sasha looked up at Angie smugly proud of her improv home run.

“I’d have a better shot than you Maura the Bora” Angie said shooting Sasha an equally smug look.

For a split second the two ladies shared a smile.

From the moment they first met it was just there. They were so comfortable with one another and their characters they could seamlessly improv without so much as a hiccup in a scene. The special connection they shared was something rare and highly coveted in Hollywood and in that 20 second span if you could physically see the chemistry they shared it would have been throwing sparks.

“Listen. We’re feeling better. Can we please leave? She’s a doctor. If I even sniffle the wrong way I swear she’d haul me back. I’d so the same for her. It’s been a long scary day. All we want to do is go home and relax and bring our stress level back to normal.”

The doctor nodded. “It’s against my better judgement but I suppose I can let you go. Only if you promise to come back if there is any changes.”

“We will.” Maura responded.

“See. We will. You have to believe her. She can’t lie. Literally allergic to lying. She gets hives. You think I’m joking? I’m not joking.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow at the duo. “I’ll get your discharge paperwork.”

30 minutes later the girls were making their way out of the hospital. “Hey Sasha, any idea where our characters live?”

Sasha burst out laughing. She had to laugh. If she didn’t she would cry. “I don’t think an address has ever been given.” Sasha reached down and started rustling through Maura’s purse and pulled out a brand new looking Iphone. Pulling up the maps app “Home” was saved. “Well it looks like our lucky day” she said as she jotted down the address and hailed a cab.

When they reached the Beacon Hill home Sasha spent 10 minutes going through “Maura’s” keys trying to find the correct key to the home. “Finally” she said as the golden key turned and gained her and Angie access to the inside. As she looked around she sucked in her breath. The house was identical to their set. Only this was a real home.

Angie looked around also taken in by the surroundings. “Wow, This is some real Freaky Friday shit” Angie exclaimed. “So what would Jane and Maura do now?”

Sasha laughed. “Tea?” Angie turned up her nose. Maura can have tea. Jane wants coffee. But first, how about some clothes? This hospital attire the hospital gave us is not exactly becoming of either of us. This is crappy even by Jane’s standards.”

They made their way up the stairs and found their way to Maura’s room and her huge walk in closet.

“This isn’t a closet, this is a boutique” Angie joked.

Sasha shot Angie a devilish grin. I’ve always wanted Maura’s closet.” As she looked through the clothes in the closet she started to laugh. It’s your lucky day. It looks like Jane left some clothes here.”

“Oh hell no. I’m not Jane. I’m Angie. Fork over some of that Maura Isles fashion.”

A little while later Sasha made them both a hot beverage and they sat down to reflect on the events of the day.

“You’re the one with Maura brain Sasha. What do you think about all of this? Or what does Maura think I should say.”

“Well, do you want the good news or the bad news first?”

Angie raised an eyebrow.” I suppose the good news. “

“The last thing I remember we were in the car then the next thing I knew we were in the hospital in some screwed up reality. It could be this is simply a dream world and we’ll wake up soon and resume life as normal.”

“OK, and the bad news?”

“We could be in a coma. There have been recorded cases of people leading alternate lives while in a coma state, 10 to 20 years.”

“Wait, what? Are you saying we might be stuck here?”

Sasha nodded her head. “It’s a possibility.”

“Why our characters? It doesn’t make sense.”

” Actually, it does. In our sub conciseness our characters stay tucked away until we get ready to film a scene and bring them out. When we bring them out of that storage space in our sub conciseness it goes to a different part of our brain. In that moment Jane and Maura are real. It would only make sense in a injured state our brains are mistaking our memories with that of our characters.”

“But why are we both here? It’d make sense if I’m here or your here. But not both of us. Also, you didn’t go to medical school. Why are you all of a sudden a walking talking Wikipedia?”

“Wikipedia is frequently incorrect” Sasha pointed out.

“That’s beside the point Sasha.”

“I don’t know. Not all medical mysteries have an explanation Jane. I mean Angie. Sorry. The only explanation I can see is the connection we share. Our chemistry on the show. Our friendship. The things these two characters have endured together. It’s like an invisible cord attaching our souls together. Whatever this journey is about we’re meant to take it together. I don’t know why I have Maura’s knowledge. Like I said not everything can be explained but I kind of like it. Maybe since I am technically Maura, I think like her.”

The sounds of a ringing phone filled the air,a second ringing phone soon following.

Angie eyed both phones laying on the table and gasped. “Oh no. Oh hell no. We are not answering that. Nope. Not going to do it.”

Sasha arched an eye brow an Angie. “I believe it was you that said we have to follow the script.”

“Well, I changed my mind. I’d rather not have real bullets flying at my head. My God Sasha. I am scared out of my mind. If you can think like Maura why can I not think like Jane? ”

“I can think of more than one episode when Jane was scared. Being scared is a normal human physiological response to danger. Jane continued in spite of the fear. I believe in you Angie. For whatever reason, we have to do this. Fate has put us here. All we can do, as you said, is follow the script.”

Angie looked at Sasha as tears came to her eyes. “What do you call a nightmare that happens to you when you’re awake? Or am I actually asleep? In a coma. God this is confusing.”

Just then the phones began to ring again. Angie looked over towards Sasha.

“Just a show right? Just another script.”

Sasha nodded. “Just another show.”

With that they each picked up their respective phones.



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