Sudden Switch Chapter One

Writers Note: Hi everyone! I am so excited to introduce this new fan fic. A few months ago when I was thinking of original fic ideas for Nano Wrimo I thought what if an actor woke up to find themselves trapped in the world of their TV persona. As I played with this idea and tried to develop it I found myself instead of developing original characters, being drawn to Angie and Sasha. I decided to use them and their characters as inspiration and develop this into a fan fic instead.

I thought it was something the fans would really enjoy and my small way of paying tribute to the 2 ladies that inspire me as a writer and actress on a daily basis.

I am obligated to note this is written for fan entertainment only. Rights to the characters of Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles remain with Tess Gerritsen (Book version) and TNT. (Television Version) And the rights of Angie and Sasha remain with well. Angie and Sasha. 😉 All events written herein are 100% fictional and is not indicative of anything that ever happened on or off set.

I dedicate this to Angie and Sasha. Thank you both for inspiring the inner spark of my own creativity. I could not ask for better Idols to pull inspiration from on a daily basis. This is for you.

Marcia Lanae

It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles and the cast of Rizzoli and Isles had just wrapped taping some scenes in a beautiful local park and broke for everyone to get some lunch. Sasha was on her phone scrolling through Instagram. A daily activity she and her co star Angie both tried to commit to in an effort to connect with and show appreciation to the millions of fans that supported the show. and contributed to the success it had found. .

“Oh my. Look at this Ang.” Sasha holds up her phone showing Angie the photo on the screen. “When did we do that Sasha? I do not remember us doing that. Were we drunk? I have questions.” Sasha laughs. “Isn’t photo shop great?

Oh. Look at this one! Jane and Maura are getting married.” Sasha held up her phone again to show Angie the photo of Jane Rizzoli carrying her bride. “I’m in a suit. Why am I in a suit? Why do I always have to be the man. Just once I’d like to be the girly girl.”

“Well, it probably has something to do with you tackling 6 foot 300 lb perps to the ground. Or that time Jane Rizzoli said if she liked women she’d be the man in the relationship. I’m just saying. ”

Angie stuck out her lip in a mock pout. “It’s not fair. You get all the cool clothes. Maura and her $3000 dresses. Jane Rizzoli has zero sense of style. Seriously. This shirt. They have one hundred of this exact shirt. Can’t she at least wear a different color. “

“Look. Here. I’m the man in this one. Does that make you feel better?” Sasha looked at Angie and gave her a thumbs up as she held up her phone again with a grin on her face.

“Much better.” Angie laughed. “Damn Sasha. That one’s kind of hot. I kinda see the Rizzles thing. ” She put out her finger and touched Sasha and quickly pulled her finger back as she mimicked an electric buzz.” Rizzles sizzles” she joked as she blew on her finger.

Sasha turned on the camera of her phone and quickly turned it to selfie mode. “Kiss me Ang.” “Um, you could at least ask me out on a date first.” Angie laughed showing off the trademark Rizzoli smile her character had become famous for. One of the many personal attributes of herself Angie had brought on screen to her television persona.

“Come on Ang. It’s for Instagram. The fans sign our paycheck. We owe them a Rizzles nod now and again. Haven’t you heard? The fans have declared me captain of the Rizzles ship. I have an obligation to my people.” “If we’re gonna do this we might as well do it right” Angie said as she gave Sasha a wink.Angie took Sasha’s phone and passed it off to a crew member. “Take a picture for us would ya?” “Please.” She added not wanting to appear like a snotty Hollywood diva.

Angie snuggled up next to Sasha on the park bench she was sitting on where they had just completed filming a scene. Her and Sasha both burst out laughing as they looked around and saw virtually every crew member with their phones out prepared to capture a coveted Rizzles moment. “You guys are worse than the paparazzi” Angie teased. Rizzles in 3-2-1.”

Angie nuzzled up and nibbled at Sasha’s neck as both actresses struggled to maintain their composure. “I can’t imagine my life without you Maura” she seductively whispers in Sasha’s ear causing Sasha to erupt into a fit of giggles like a teenager. Angie feigned offense. “I’m declaring my love for you. How rude.”

As both girls erupted into laughter yet again the growing crowd that had gathered around began to chant. “Kiss her! Kiss her! Kiss her!” Angie pulled into Sasha and got inches from kissing her as both ladies again erupted into hysterical laughs. “Welp! Sasha ruined it. Sorry guys! The captain is fired.

Shows over. We gotta go eat. Sasha gets hangry when she’s hungry.” “I believe that’s the other way around” Sasha replies nudging Angie in the shoulder. Both burst into laughter yet again. “Where ya wanna go eat Sash? Cecconi’s sound good?” “Works for me. I am starving.”

Just as they are getting ready to leave they hear a commotion coming from the other side of the park. “Please! I’m begging you I’m dying to meet them. You don’t understand. They are my heroes.” Sasha looks at Angie and grins. “Shall we?” “Of course. After you.” Angie and Sasha walked their way across the park and made their way towards the eager fan. They walked up to the security guard and gave a nod of approval for the guard to let the fan come closer.

“Hi there” Sasha cheerfully greeted. The young woman doesn’t say a word as tears stream down her cheeks. “Well way to go Sasha. You made her cry.” The fan nervously laughs at Angie’s joke. “I’m, i’m, so excited to meet you both. I am, well, I was a LAPD homicide detective. Last year I was kidnapped by a suspect we were investigating and I was held hostage and tortured for 3 days before I was finally rescued. I went into a depression and I didn’t leave my apartment for months. Not just depression. I was terrified to go anywhere. I had to quit my job. Then one day I found your show. The episode where Jane and Maura were tortured by Hoyt. That episode, it, it gave me hope. If Jane and Maura can survive, I can survive. You, you gave me the will to live again. I can never thank you enough. You are both my heroes.”

Angie and Sasha both stood speechless as tears overcame them. “Oh sweetie. Thank you for sharing your story with us. . You, my dear, you’re the hero here” Angie said as she reached out and brought the lady into a hug. Sasha reached out and hugged the lady as well. “We are so glad to meet you” Sasha said. “We are so honored that in some small way we helped you. But you are the hero in your own story. Don’t hand your power over to us. You fought your fight. You went to battle against those demons.Pick up that pen and own your story and proudly put your signature on it. Not ours. Will you do that for me?”

The lady nodded her head up and down. “Would you mind if we took a picture?” “Of course” Angie and Sasha replied in unison.They stood on either side of the fan and smiled for the camera not even minding that their makeup was smudged down their cheeks. No. This photo told a story. “Do you mind if I take one with my phone” Sasha asked. “I would like to remember you.” The fan grinned from ear to ear. “Yes! Of course!”Once again the three ladies smiled for the camera.

“Before you go.”The fan reached into her backpack. “It’s a script I bought from EBAY. Would you mind signing it for me?” “Absolutely!” Angie and Sasha both replied. “I’m sorry. Who do we sign this to? We haven’t caught your name” Sasha asked. “Laura.”

To Laura: I am so honored that we inspired you in some way. Remember your promise to put your signature on your story. Angie and I will pass you this pen. It was an honor to meet you. Sasha Alexander

To Laura: Thank you for showing me what it means to really be a hero. Jane Rizzoli is proud of you and so am I. Angie Harmon

A few minutes later Angie and Sasha were picked up by a driver and were finally on the way to get some lunch. Since so much time had passed they decided to order take out and eat in the car on the way back to the studio.

As they made their way through the streets of LA they each sat silently lost in their thoughts. Finally Angie broke the silence. “Sasha, do you ever feel like you have the biggest case of imposters syndrome in the world?” Sasha laughed. “Only ever single day of my life.” “I mean, people put us on such a high pedestal. That girl has been through so much. Overcame so much. Yet she was hailing us as the heroes. I, I don’t feel worthy of that label. I mean, Jane and Maura, they’ve been through some shit. They’re worthy of that label. But we’re just Angie and Sasha.” “Well thank you Angie Harmon for allowing me to attend your Ted Talk. I feel so much better about myself now” Sasha teased. Angie rolled her eyes. “You know what I meant Sash.”

“That Jane and Maura, they really are some fabulous ladies aren’t they.I’d love to hang out with them” Sasha said with a chuckle. “Man, I wish anything I had just a tiny portion of Jane Rizzoli’s strength” Angie thought out loud. Sasha nodded in agreement. “I wish I had Maura’s strength and her brains. I think with my intestines entirely to much. Maura would not approve” Sasha joked mocking her TV persona.

“Hey! Watch out” Angie screamed. The driver veered to miss an oncoming vehicle that was driving into their lane of traffic. He quickly began to lose control of the car. “Oh God” Angie screamed. “We’re going to flip!” Her and Sasha both threw their hands in front of each other as their maternal instincts kicked in. Trying to protect one another in life, just as they had countless times on TV. The car began to flip end over end as the sound of crushing metal and breaking glass was deafening. Finally after what seemed like forever but was really only a matter of seconds the car came to rest.

Angie tried to lift her head but the pain that shot through her head immediately made her stop the effort. “Sasha? SASHA? SASHA! Please say something.” Sasha let out a groan. “Oh my God. You’re alive. Thank God you’re alive.” Angie reached out and searched for Sasha’s hand, finally finding it and clasping it in her own. “Hang on Sasha. Please hang on. Don’t you dare die on me.” Wanting to check on the driver Angie was suddenly ashamed when she realized she didn’t even know his name. “Sir, are you OK up there?” “Yes. I’m fine. My legs are pinned under the dashboard though.”

“There’s 3!” Someone yelled from outside the car. ” Oh my God.That’s Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander someone else yelled. A voice called out to them from the outside.. “Try to stay calm. Help is coming.” “Sasha. Sasha first. She’s hurt.” The next thing Angie knew someone from the paparazzi was sticking a camera through the busted window. Angie tapped into all her strength to will herself up to throw the top half of her body over Sasha’s shielding her from the photographer. “Are you fucking kidding me? She’s hurt. She has kids you ass hole!”Hey! Get out of here” the voice from outside yelled at the tactless photographer. “I am so sorry” the man said. “I made him leave. Try to stay calm.Help is on the way.” He reached his hand in taking Angie’s hand in his.

“My, my phone. ” Angie let go of the mans hand and started frantically feeling around for her cell phone, thankfully finding it nestled between her and Sasha. She picked up her phone and passed it to the man. My publicist is the first person on the contact list. Please call her and ask her to contact Sasha’s publicist and notify our families. This is going to be making rounds on Facebook and Twitter in five minutes tops.”

“Ang” Sasha moaned as she begun to regain consciousness. “Shhhhh. You’re OK Sasha. Help is coming.” “Everything hurts.” “Hang in there. You’ll be out soon.” “K-kids.” “I’ve got somebody contacting both our families. It’s going to be OK. You just rest.” “Man I feel sick” Angie thought as a wave of nausea took over her. Soon her vision got blurry and slowly but surely the world around her went black.

The next thing she knew she opened her eyes and was in a brightly lit hospital room. Monitors went crazy as she tried to sit up. “Detective! Please lie down. You’ve been through quite an ordeal tonight.” “Detective?” Angie thought. Damn, some of these people take their TV to damn seriously. Won’t even let me be me.” “Sasha? Where’s Sasha? ” “Angie? Ang? Is that you?” she heard from across the room. Angie quickly ripped the monitors from herself and ran towards Sasha’s voice and found her in an adjacent bed.

“Ang. Something really weird is going on.” “Detective! I assure you Dr. Isles is in the best of hands.You really need to lie down and take it easy.” “OK! Listen! Yes. We are actors. We love being your weekly entertainment. But we are going through some really traumatic shit right now and i’d be nice if you called us by our real names. Not our characters. We are people. OK? OK.” The nurse and doctor in the room gave one another worried glances. “Order a psych eval for both of them” the doctor instructed the nurse.

“Psych eval? REALLY? Oh come on!” Angie looked over and saw tears flowing freely down Sasha’s face. “Calm down Sasha. Someone is obviously just trying to mess with us right now. I bet we’re on one of those hidden camera reality shows. She looked up searching the room. OK! Where’s the camera?” Not satisfied with that explanation Sasha began to sob.

“Calm down Sasha! It’s going to be OK.” ” My amigdala and lacrimal gland have a connection I can’t really control right now.” Angie twirled around and looked at Sasha her mouth gaped open in shock. “Sasha? Did you just Maura Isles google mouth me?” Sasha nodded, terror written all over her face. “Ang, what the hell is going on?”

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