Sudden Switch Chapter Five

The next morning Sasha went down and made breakfast for the two of them and placed it all onto a tray carrying it upstairs where Angie still laid in bed. "Come on Ang. You need to eat something." "I'm not hungry." Angie replied burying herself deeper under the blankets. Sasha walked over and yanked at... Continue Reading →

Sudden Switch Chapter Four

"Man Dr. Isles. When did you turn into Annie Oakley?" Korsak asked, looking down at the dead body on the ground. "Jane taught me" Sasha replied. Sasha was thankful that at one time Jane Rizzoli did in fact teach Maura Isles to shoot a gun, less the Maura Isles in her break out in hives.... Continue Reading →

Sudden Switch Chapter 3

"So apparently it wasn't my car we wrecked" Sasha thought aloud as she looked out the window and saw a black SUV parked in the driveway. "So I guess we'll take my car. I mean, Maura's car."  She eyed Angie up and down. "You need to change."  "Wait, what? No!"  "That's not in character and... Continue Reading →

Sudden Switch Chapter 2

Angie walked over to the window and quickly realized she didn't recognize her surroundings. "Excuse me" she called out to the doctor. "What hospital are we at?" "Boston General." Angie raised her hands to her temples and began to rub as the frustration and anxiety of the situation was setting in. "Your cortisol level is... Continue Reading →

Sudden Switch Chapter One

Writers Note: Hi everyone! I am so excited to introduce this new fan fic. A few months ago when I was thinking of original fic ideas for Nano Wrimo I thought what if an actor woke up to find themselves trapped in the world of their TV persona. As I played with this idea and... Continue Reading →

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